What Are Puppy Potty Training Bells?

An interview with Heather, the creator of TinkleBellz
TM (aka: Simon's Mommy!)

TM are a puppy and dog housebreaking aid loosely based on Ivan Pavlov's theory of conditioned reflexes. Your puppy will learn that ringing the bells to go make will ultimately result in
his being given a treat. And, as we all know, a dog's world revolves around getting his treats! Setting aside my fascination with animal psychology, I really created the bells because I was just plain tired of.....

..my dogs barking at me for umpteen reasons, including if they had to make - but how did I know
if that's what they actually wanted??
...not being able to hear if they were whining or scratching at the door because I was in the next
room or upstairs.
...finding accidents by the door - and guess what!? It was MY fault because I couldn't hear my dogs' urgent requests. They wanted to do the right thing, but they just didn't have the perfect way of letting me know!

Then one day, (nine years ago, to be precise) I had an epiphany; what about hanging a rope of bells from the door and teaching the dogs to paw at it when they had to make? My first prototype was an old leash that I stitched some cat toys (the little plastic balls with bells inside) onto! Aesthetically pleasing, it was not! My design, now patented, has evolved over the past nine years - and now I believe I have perfected it in the areas of both form and function. This is why I have finally decided to bring my product to the masses, instead of just giving the bells to family and friends and selling them in local shops."

housetraining a puppy
How long will it take to train my puppy?

"Every puppy learns at their own pace. Bell training requires the three "p's" (or, "pees", if you must!) Patience, Praise and Perseverance. Some puppies, such as Simon my beloved and clever Cockapoo, take only a few days to catch on. However, other pups may take a few weeks to master this skill. Housebreaking is a process, and your pup truly wants to understand and please you, but it doesn't happen overnight - even with the most highly intelligent of breeds. Soon enough your adorable little puppy will be ringing the bells on his own - and that will be the cutest thing you've ever seen!"

What if I have more than one puppy or dog?

Training more than one pup at once isn't as difficult as you might think. Dogs are pack animals and they learn from one another and mimic each other's behavior. If Spot sees Rover ringing the bells, going out to make, then receiving a treat, chances are it will click in his canine brain: "Hey! If I do that, I'll get a treat, too!"

Can I TinkleBellz
TM  train my adult dog?

"Of course! The saying: "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is completely untrue! Just as humans can continue to learn and develop new skills throughout their adulthood and senior years, so can dogs. In fact, teaching your older dog new things is good for his mental health. Even if he's already housebroken, you can still teach him to ring the bells."

What do professional trainers think of TinkleBellz
TM ?

"Actually, bell training is highly recommended by professional dog trainers and veterinarians - and they're some of my best customers. Ringing the bells gives your dog a positive way of communicating his/her needs to you, and this will result in smoother and less stressful housebreaking for both puppy and owner. Bell training has a 100% success rate - provided THE OWNER sticks with the program!!"

What makes TinkleBellz
TM better than similar products on the market?

"It's a better product due to the unique features of my patented design. Most important is the fastening system. While my competitors hang their bells by loops - which can slip off and even allow a dog to accidentally open the door (if it's a lever style knob), mine tightly strap around what's known as the "stem" or "shank" of a knob. The hanging strap is split and fitted with hook and loop tape, allowing a snug and secure fit around every size and style of knob or handle. When installed correctly, even a big, strong puppy or dog can't pull them off! I make TinkleBellz of fashionable, heavy duty, woven and jacquard ribbon, as well as sturdy, polyester webbing (the same material used to make lightweight collars and leashes). The five metal bells provide plenty of sound and for extra durability, they're attached firmly in place with double rows of machine stitching."

Are they washable?

"Yes. If the bells themselves get dull or dirty, simply wipe them with a damp cloth then buff back to a shine with a soft, dry cloth. If the fabric gets dirty, spot clean with mild detergent - then hang to dry."

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