People are always commenting on Simon's healthy appearance and glossy coat. I'm convinced his "glow" is due to his food. With the guidance of my veterinarian, awhile back I decided to start making Simon's food. I came up with a very balanced "Muttloaf" recipe, full of everything a doggie needs. I've given out the recipe to all of my dog park buddies, so I figured why not share it with all of you guys, too!

Since I'm a really busy person (and I know you are, as well!), I prefer
to make the Muttloaf in a large quantity. I package each serving into individual zippered sandwich bags and throw about four days of food into the fridge - then the rest into the freezer. Price-wise, it's fairly comparable to any high-end dog food. Plus, you'll now know exactly what your dog is eating! For a thrifty touch, you can also wash and re-use your zipper bags. For a less budget-friendly approach (but a good choice, nonetheless), use all organic ingredients.

When inquiring about my recipe, one gal at the park said to me: "Well, dogs in the wild only eat meat - not veggies, fruits or grains, so you don't need any of that stuff in your recipe". I always thought that was true, too. But then my oh-so wise vet told me: "In the wild, dogs will eat an entire rabbit, for example. They'll eat the meat and the innards and inside the rabbit's stomach are partially digested vegetables, fruit and grains which provide the dog with necessary vitamins and minerals." Ok kinda gross, I know! (I'm sorry!!) However, it absolutely makes sense. Also, since every dog needs a little bit of calcium, in addition to the Muttloaf, I always serve a spoonful of cottage cheese on the side.

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