The Original Designer Mixed Breed - The Cockapoo

These days it seems every breed of dog is being mixed with another. There are everything from Chi-Poms (Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix) to Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever-Poodle mix). But, the “original designer hybrid” is undoubtedly the Cockapoo; Cocker Spaniel - Poodle mix. They have been in the US since 1950 and can also be found all over the world.

Cockapoos are healthy, happy dogs and they tend to be quite long-lived. It's not unusual for them to live for 15–20 years. Because they’re a mixed breed, they may be less susceptible to genetic ailments than purebred dogs due to the greater diversity in their genes. They can be any color that a Poodle or Cocker can be, or a mix of several colors. Their coats are usually non-shedding and can be everything from curly to straight and are often times a middle-of-the-road wavy. Their size typically ranges from 12-24 pounds.

Cockapoos are intelligent and athletic due to their Poodle parent and sweet, affectionate and people- pleasing due to their Cocker parent. They are an ideal companion for everyone; from children to seniors. Because they’re such clever dogs, they love to learn and can be taught tricks and commands effortlessly. They’re known for being fairly easy to housebreak, and the best and most enjoyable potty training method is the use of puppy potty training bells.

Puppy housebreaking or potty training bells are a strip of ribbon, webbing or fabric on which sets of bells are attached. The strip is then hung on the door for the puppy to paw at or shake to let his owner know he has to go potty. The dog training bells method is very straightforward and simple to follow and every puppy, not just Cockapoos, will be able to catch on!




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