Puppy Potty Training Bells

Due to their 100% success rate, puppy housebreaking bells are highly recommended by both professional trainers and veterinarians. Our fast and easy training method gives your puppy a positive form of interaction and communication with you - instead of barking or whining at the door! Visit the training page to read about our training technique. We make "housebreaking as easy as 1-2-Pee!"

Our product is of exceptional quality and our patented design is second to none. Our clever hook and loop fitted strap wraps and secures tightly around any style of door knob and handle. They cannot slide off or be pulled off the knob. 

TM come in a variety of fashionable colors and patterns to match any decor. We choose the finest quality woven ribbon and, inspired by our rowdy dog Simon (our company mascot!), we offer our training bells in sturdy, poly-webbing. We can also upgrade your ribbon bells of choice by stitching the ribbon onto poly-webbing for added strength.

TinkleBellzTM also make the perfect gift for the new puppy owner! Each set of bells is uniquely rolled into an adorable "doggie" shape - then packaged with an instruction sheet.

Simon ringing his bells at age 11 weeks!

TM are made
in the USA and we purchase
our materials from
American vendors only!

Why TinkleBellz
TM Over Other
Puppy Housebreaking Bells?

bullet Unlike other housebreaking bells, which have only a hanging loop, our patented housebreaking bells fasten SECURELY with our Velcro fitted strap so they cannot be pulled off the knob.
bullet We use the finest quality woven ribbon
and polyester webbing in a variety of fashionable colors and patterns to match any decor. We offer an upgrade for any ribbon bells by stitching your choice of ribbon onto sturdy polyester webbing for added strength. 
bullet The five metal bells provide plenty
of sound. They're suspended by stainless steel d-rings and, for extra durability, they're secured firmly in place with double rows of machine stitching.
bullet Because we have THE CUTEST company mascot! :)



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